FixHub invites you to join us every Saturday at our weekly club – develop skills, discover new things, design your own projects. Each week we host a different club, trying out different ways of making, sharing our discoveries as we go…

A club day is split over two sessions, one in the morning 10.00 – 13.00, and in the afternoon 14.00 – 17.00. The morning session provides a short intro to the day’s theme, with a small fee towards materials (sometimes free!). The afternoon session is either a bookable, paid workshop which goes into greater depth, or a free-form session (competitions, hackathons, jams, presentations, talks, etc.)

We run our clubs every Saturday on a rolling basis, so check our calendar to see which one is coming up next.

Craft Club
tinkering, playing, hands on, explore materials and media

Bits + Bytes
coding/programming, electronics, digital skills

Repair Café
fixing and repair

Think Like…
introductions to technologies, how-to approaches and concepts

Coming Soon! Code Club

A national programme of after-school coding clubs – FixHub will be running a Code Club one Friday each month to support future programmers and STEM learning.